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  • 執筆者の写真Hideo Kobayashi

New Release - Talkin' Physical

After establishing Fuente Music in the deep house forefront with 4 releases of surefire, seductive female vocals, for their 5th release, Hideo Kobayashi flips the script with a purely solo outing of house de jour called Talkin' Physical. This new single reminds us of some of Fuente Music’s enduring qualities that’s always injected for our listening pleas- ure. Music that is stylish, melodic, urban & sophisticated and for this new track, Hideo also embellishes it with an added layer of panache! Tailored for dance mayhem, chunky & swingy beats, seriously blissed out, deep and soulful synth stabs that takes you on another dimension.

The Original Mix is a thoroughly pumpin’& swingin’ house workout with uplifting moods of grandeur. For those of you who want their house music with a touch of succulent drive, this is the one to go to.

Like the title suggests, the Dub Mix is a “physical” workout. Its relentless, swingy beats and swagger is reminiscent of the bumpin’, classic 90s NY deepness of Todd Terry, Kerri Chandler. It is also has a hypnotic dubbed-out element with a tinge of scratchy, reggae rhythm guitar making a surprise appearance from the middle and rocking the track even more!

These 2 versions of Talkin' Physical are no doubt, pure & deep dance tracks, especially tailor made to offer subliminal bliss in the deep, late hours of the night!

Notes by Ken Hidaka

ArtWork by Kento Tanaka

1. Talkin’ Physical (Original Mix)

2. Talkin’ Physical (Dub Mix)



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