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  • 執筆者の写真Hideo Kobayashi

Melody To You just released at


For the 2nd release of 2018, Hideo Kobayashi teams up with Japanese songstress, Momoko Saito once again with a nice, dreamy, mellow house track called Melody To You. This is the 2nd piece released as a single that features Momoko's dreamily sung in Japanese vocals. It is also included in Hideo's album, Fuente that came out last year. With its melancholic and chilled out style, this original track is reminiscent of a warm, relaxed, sun-drenched vibes of a summer breeze. It also reminds us of how great Hideo is as a producer of down tempo styled pieces. This single also features 2 stellar remixes created by up-and-coming New York-based, female Japanese producer, Aiko Morita who has been busily releasing remixes and edits from labels such as King Street Sounds, Nite Grooves, Hotbox Music, Hot Digits Music amongst others. Osaka born, Aiko started her career in 2004 and was active in the Japanese club music scene, as part of the renowned deep house party, "EUREKA!" as a DJ and organizer. She was regularly spinning at top Tokyo clubs such as Womb, Club Air and Eleven before her move to New York. Aiko's basic musical concept is all about "unconscious rhythm" under the deep house sphere. Her 2 remixes of Melody To You is drenched with her production approach of inducing an intricate deployment of uplifting spirituality, in an delicate, atmospheric, peaceful platform. The Aiko Morita Remix is reminiscent of vintage ambient house ala Larry Heard, Wamdue Project and the Dub Mix will no doubt turn heads of fans of classic UK deep house headed by Atjazz, Jimpster, etc. For both remixes of Aiko, the feminine qualities of Momoko's vocals as well as her own production skills shines throughout, which makes this single, a joy to listen to, either relaxing at home or outside.



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