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  • 執筆者の写真Hideo Kobayashi

'You Do You' EP

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Title : You Do You

Artist : Hideo Kobayashi, Cinnamon Denise

Remixer : Jay-J

Label : Fuente Music

CAT# : FNT004

Date : 2016-07-04

Published : TV TOKYO Music, Inc

Since starting his label, Fuente Music, Hideo Kobayashi has continued to utilise his uncanny ability to find sure fire, female songstresses who seamlessly deliver, uplifting and joyous vocal performances that just tips the vibe-o-meter into utter overload! With the help of a budding female R&B/ Soul songbird, Cinnamon Denise from Atlanta, Hideo once again delivers an uplifting, catchy house stormer entitled You Do You. Armed with a heavily, pumping bass line and chunky beats, with a tinge of melancholy in the melody and lyrics, Cinnamon delivers a strong vocal performance that makes this track a winner! If this isn’t what you can call nuevo, modern urban R&B vibes, I don’t know what it is!

To make this release more than fulfilling, especially to people seeking some sure fire, West Coast vibes, Hideo enlists one of the masters of soulful, deep house, Moulton Studio & Shifted Music owner, DJ/ Producer, Jay-J for remix duties of Do You Do. A Grammy nominee for his remix of Jill Scott’s He Loves Me, Jay-J delivers 2 fierce, vocal and dub “Shifted Up” versions of You Do You. With its chunky beats, driving baseline and full throttle swing, Jay-J’s mixes are ready to do some serious damage on the dance floor for sure!

Text by Ken Hidaka

Artwork by Kento Tanaka

You Do You (Original Mix)

You Do You (Jay-J's Shifted Up Mix)

You Do You (Jay-J's Shifted Up Dub)

You Do You (Instrumental)



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