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  • 執筆者の写真Hideo Kobayashi

Our 7th record, Shiroi Mayu, has released.

Check the release page at Traxsource.

Here're the feedbacks from our international DJs.

I love the Piano mix. Full support and I will send to Morales and Quentin Harris today. Respect from Def Mix - Hector Romero

Beautiful work! - Ken Ishii

Nice work, thanks - Kiss FM

Beautiful !!! - Hernan Cattaneo

Loving the piano mix. Great summer jam! - Said Adelekan

beautiful piano and vocal !!!Amazing track !!!! This is the best Japanese Vocal House in 2017 !!!! - Takashi Watanabe

Love the Piano Mix - Vincent Kwok


SO nice! - Deep In Radio

All these songs remind me of living back in Japan, the serenity of my hometown. They definitely have beautiful Japanese sounds. Beautiful lyrics as well! - Aiko Morita

Love it! - DJ TJO

dope! - Taku Takahashi

I like the groove here, good work - Leigh Morgan

Cool release ! Support ! - Stephane.K



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