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Born and raised in a small town in Maryland, just outside of D.C, Christa has been creating music since the age of seven when she was provided with a keyboard and a tape recorder. Today she records vocals, keyboards, and guitar in a quiet apartment on the outskirts of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

After toying around with various musical ventures over the years, Christa joined Tasteblind, an alternative rock band from the D.C area, as the lead vocalist and song writer and in 1996 the gang took their talent to New York. Three albums and three years later, the minor successes they had accomplished were not enough to sustain them. The band moved to Philadelphia, Christa went to art school, and Tasteblind soon divorced. 

Enter Hollis P. Monroe (Renaissance Infinity Recordings). The two met at the Mask and Wig, in Philadelphia, then known for it's weekly club nights. Their first attempt at creating a killer vocal track seemed forced, so Hollis suggested she just wing it. So, on one sweltering afternoon in 2002, after a quick lunch of pizza and ice water, that's what she did. The result was The Heat, which was picked up by the legendary West End Records. After this accidental gem, Hollis and Christa decided to attack each song with this laissez-faire attitude. This approach gave birth to This Way: a rough, natural vocal track that had depth and feeling by the ton, but was deemed not good enough sonically by Hollis. But the subsequent recordings lacked the tracks original emotionally-charged charm, so Hollis made do. This performance turned out to be what the house industry was craving. This Way was soon released by Bargrooves/Defected Records and remixed by famed Japanese DJ and producer, Hideo Kobayashi. Christa's stripped down vocals, with all of their flaws and unfiltered jagged edges only intensified the sultry intimacy and hopelessness of the song. From This Way came many new facets of creation for Christa. She began to write, record, and play more, both for herself and other artists around the globe, including Beautiful Moment, a silky jazz track by Hideo Kobayashi, Help Me Out with Rasmus Faber, multiple tracks with D-Reflection (Dennis Molema), BTK, Montana & Stewart and many more. Christa is currently the lead chanteuse for Philadelphia based vintage jazz band The Gin Canaries. 

Drawing inspiration from a wide range of artists and genres, average, everyday experiences, and the subtle nuances of personal relationships, Christa's lyrics and breathy sound bend easily from folk music to soulful house tracks. Laden with melancholy undertones, Christa's raw, smokey, come-hither voice takes her listeners on an emotional journey that travels from the bedroom to the dance floor with ease.
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